Academy Staff

  • Dave Wohlenhaus

    Dave Wohlenhaus

    Organized. Avid disc golfer. Tuba player. Father of 3 daughters. 

  • Brenda Richardson

    Brenda Richardson

    Loves kids and families. Silly. Relational. Helen Keller's 4th cousin.

  • Amy Terhune

    Amy Terhune

    Loyal. Reserved. Organized. Family oriented. Golf-enthusiast. Mother of two. Purdue University Grad.

  • Becky Bohm

    Becky Bohm

    Granny, wife and mom. Passionate about traveling. Detail oriented. Cherishes family time. Reads the newspaper comics every night. Has 52 nieces and nephews. 

  • Christine  Morris

    Christine Morris

    Boy Mom. Patient. Loyal. Lego Master of the house.

  • Lauren  Scott

    Lauren Scott

    Always smiling. Patient. Love trying new things. Can't live without my family. Hope to travel the world. 

  • Connection Pointe Christian Academy

    Connection Pointe Christian Academy