We're the best version of ourselves when we have others by our side encouraging us along the way. We offer small groups where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus through intentional relationships and learning biblical truths together. We also offer events and studies designed specifically for men, women, and seniors.


  • Chris Maloney

    Chris Maloney

    Husband. Father of 2 girls. Canadian. Committed. Former college goalkeeper.


  • Craig  Knisley

    Craig Knisley

    Family man. Coach. Traveler.

  • Ron  Merrell

    Ron Merrell

    Husband. Dad. Sheep-herder. Bodysurf. Owned over 30 cars.

  • Tom  Evans

    Tom Evans

    Husband. Father. Church History nerd. Lover of Star Wars. Grew up on a Christmas Tree farm. 

  • Wendy Wittl

    Wendy Wittl

    Invested. Innovative. Mom. Passionate about families. Pinterest Enthusiast. Chorizo-Maker. Loves to entertain.

  • Monica Shelton

    Monica Shelton

    Organized. Wife. Mother. Has degree in Recreation & Sports Management, never played a sport. 

  • Julie Kirtley

    Julie Kirtley

    Heart for elderly. Stage manager. Connection Pointe born and bred. Former choir director. 

  • Sarah Zimmerman

    Sarah Zimmerman

    Creative. Loyal. Outdoor Enthusiast. Loves mulching, sewing, and reading. Can't live without family and worship music.

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